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Exmouth is the perfect gateway to the best sailing country in Western Australia and provides year round excellent cruising. Nature serves up a selection of sailing grounds here, each with their own benefits and attractions at different times of the year.  On the Eastern side of the Cape Range lies the sheltered waters of the Gulf of Exmouth and by ocean, the entrance to the North West Shelf and some stunning land masses such as the Murion and Montebello Islands providing plenty of beautiful anchorages. the Gulf and her islands provide several sheltered anchorages and good sailing ground year round.

Gulf and Island Cruises (available year round):

Gulf and Island Quickie (3 Nights)

For the less experienced sailors or those who just don’t have too long but know how to spend the time they do have. Start off with a day and a night exploring the Exmouth Gulf with it’s abundant marine life, stunning beaches and spectacular sunsets. On day two, venture further afield to the renowned Muiron Islands and explore the crystal clear waters with fishing, diving, snorkelling, surfing or just relaxing in paradise. Day three you can choose from staying on at the islands or spending one last night in the Gulf.

Island Fling (5 Nights)

Venture further afield to the North. This itinerary allows you and your crew to explore the Muiron Islands as well as Long, Thevenard and Bessieres Island. You also have the option of going ashore on Wilderness Island for an Australian wilderness and seafood experience and making a port call in beautiful Onslow.

Northern Indulgence (7 Nights)

For some serious adventure, this package can take you into all of the above beautiful locations with ample time to experience this magical wilderness and even allow you to get as far as the Montebello Islands. The added benefit of being able to make a port call in Dampier for a night of food and drinks at the Hampton Harbour sailing club, if you have the time, this is the year round package that will top any other holiday option you have.

Carve your own path (available year round):

For the experienced sailor who specifically wants to sail on the Ningaloo Reef or to Coral Bay, we can help arrange a route to suit your needs. Have a specific list of things you want to see or do on your holiday? Let us help you design a route to suit your every desire. Contact us now to start weaving your dream. Local Guides are available for all cruises (full or partial cruise) at reasonable additional day rates